The Rosenberg Winery

In 1999, we partially replanted the family vineyards and we have continued long experience tradition of family winery and winemaking. Wine has been processed and matured in hundred-year-old wine cellars in chateau Velké Němčice. In 2002 and 2003, new lands in best vineyards of Rosenberg hill were purchased and new grapevines were planted out. In 2006, there was the first small vintage of these grapevines. We cultivate 6 hectares of fertile vineyards. Two vaulted cellars dating to the 1808 were purchased in Starovice in 2006. Both cellars are under fundamental reconstruction for production of modern wines in pleasant surroundings of historical cellars. The main feature of the winery will be a building containing winepress house, restaurant, and guesthouse.


Our philosophy is to produce Moravian wines of good quality with varieties character, characteristic aromas, wines with charming acidity, and full-bodied flavour. We offer particularly wines with special attributes; late harvest, special selection of grapes, special selection of berries, special selection of botrytis, ice wine, and straw wine. We also offer rosé wines, claret, and barrique wines. We intend to produce sparkling wines and fortified wines.


Is well known that quality of wine begins in the vineyards, therefore, all operations are done carefully and gently to the vineyard and to the environment. The grapevine appreciates it and provides us grapes of the best quality. Grapes are processed from reduced vintage by controlled fermentation. We also concentrate on wine tourism, visitations of our wine cellars with controlled wine tasting, visitations of our technological cellar, and winepress house with technical explanation. We arrange wine tastings, private meetings, and gatherings with folk music.

Come and visit us.